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We edit both academic and non-academic papers. Articles are subject- matched to the most qualified editor based on specialty. We increase your chances of earning an excellent grade, and guarantee the publishing of edited manuscripts in reputable journals. Send us your work today and let our professional editing and proofreading skills rub off on your paper.



Our languages of specialisation are Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, Romanian, Arabic and German. Our translators are seasoned professionals and will do a thorough job in translating your manuscript into English. We issue translation certificates for FREE and edit translated articles. This ensures that all translated articles are error free. Submit your manuscript and have our translators work wonders.



Let us format your article to meet the structure and standard of your chosen journal. We will apply the journal's style guide, including margin settings, page numbering, proper citation of references, document layout etc. Also, all figures and tables will be properly placed. Tell us your journal of choice and have your formatted article in no time.



Let us summarize your manuscript and present your report in clear concise English. Your summarised work will be devoid of repetitions, and showcase findings in a manner that will facilitate understanding. Most journals demand brevity in reporting and failure to comply could result in paper rejection. Contact us today and have our editors shave off the rough edges.



We will match your article to an expert in your field for review. Our reviewers are professors from prestigious universities and are vast in knowledge of the subject matter. Our reviewers will ensure that your manuscript is properly written, rich in content, and constructively criticise the methodology applied regarding modern professional practices. Their corrections will be sent to you for manuscript improvement. This service guarantees the quick acceptance and publishing of your article and keeps you abreast with trends in your field.



Originality is key to manuscript acceptance for publication. We offer article rewriting services to increase originality and eliminate plagiarism. Precautionary measures are taken to ensure that the article is not distorted in any way while rewriting. Kindly try out our rewriting service today and you will be pleased.



We offer article writing services to clients. Articles are written from theses, dissertations, seminar reports etc. This service is offered at a flat rate irrespective of word count.

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Queen's English Editing is a first-rate proofreading and editing company. We exist for a singular purpose, to serve authors and writers alike professional, timely and affordable services. Our client's privacy and confidentiality is held in high esteem as solid uncompromising ethics and integrity are the core of our services.

Our expert team of editors are native English-speakers, highly qualified and experienced in their various fields. Editors' expertise is subject-matched with manuscripts for an excellent transition and proper articulation of ideas. We have the best-skilled hands and resources available to enhance and impress manuscripts with clear, easy flowing and concise error-free English language. Thus, we meticulously prepare manuscripts with thorough attention to details guaranteeing prompt acceptance upon submission to reputable publishers.

We are committed to helping spread knowledge in the simplest manner and promote high readability through proper communication of easy comprehensive English Language in written form.

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